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The Straight Line is the creative realm of a passionate freelancer dedicated to capturing the artistry of architecture and design through the lens.

As an architect, photographer and 3d artist, I believe that every line has a story to tell. I collaborate closely with architects, designers, and visionaries to capture the soul of each project, infusing it with a sense of wonder and inspiration.

From the grandeur of monumental structures to the intimate details of interior spaces, I seek out the perfect angles and play with lights and shadows to create a visual symphony.

The Straight Line is not just a name, but a reflection of my approach to photography. I believe in the power of clean lines and precise geometry, celebrating the harmony between form and function. I capture the balance between simplicity and complexity, showcasing the beauty that lies within the straightest of lines.

Whether you're an architect seeking to showcase your latest creation, an interior designer capturing the essence of a carefully curated space, or a homeowner looking to immortalize your dream project, I am here to transform your vision into a tangible reality. Together, we will create visual stories that leave a lasting impression.

"The straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God." - Antoni Gaudí




Giacomo Dodich

1982 - Born in Ravenna - Italy

2003 - Photographic training – City of Westminster College London.

2005 - Bachelor degree in Architecture – IUAV Venice

2009 - Master degree in Architecture - TU Wien

2009 - Co-founder of Telegram71 - Studio specialized in architectural, design and product visualizations, CG images and film, Motion graphics, VR / AR / XR content, NFTs.  Current role as Art director, project manager, 3d&Vfx generalist, visual de­signer, digital compositor.

Erdbergstraße 10/53

1030 Wien


tel: +43 650 4905262


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